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The Algorithm Design Manual

I recently stumbled across The Algorithm Design Manual – a textbook written by Steven Skiena, a professor at Stony Brook University – looking for a way to brush up on my computer science skills.

After checking it out, and based largely on the recommendation Steve Yegge made in his Get that job at Google post, I decided to go through the author’s course.

Seeing as I don’t actually have a teacher or classmates to discuss ideas, comments, and questions, I thought I’d blog about my experience and hopefully to able to discuss the material with interested people. There have been many blogs which have cataloged a person’s journey through a book or course – Eli Bendersky’s series tackling SICP being one that came out particularly well. I hope to add another interesting one.

I’m planning on following the course pretty closely. I’ll be reading the assigned pages, watching the available lectures, and posting my solutions to homework. In addition, I’ll be posting weekly reflections and insights I gained that week – the first one’s coming this Sunday. I apologize in advance if I fall a little behind – I’m doing all this after I get home from my day job.

I want to reiterate the fact that I am a student of this material –  of all things really – and so I’ll use this space to think and ask questions “out loud.”

That said, I hope I can make this little interesting for you.